Team Work

The emotional atmosphere of a salon has unique importance. The salon business is a service business…and a part of that service is the presence of a relaxed, peaceful environment. The existence of a harmonious salon environment depends heavily on teamwork.

As an individual member of a team. you can bring certain valuable characteristics to it that will have a positive influence on the group. Your special behavior, skills, and abilities are important to the success of the group. Strong, positive, professional relationships and team spirit will not be built overnight. You can begin by establishing a rapport with each person and continuing to work toward good communication. understanding and teamwork every day. The people you work with can become your friends as well as your professional associates.

Keeping your work station clean, with all your tools in place, is usually set forth by a regulating agency, but also adds visually to the overall atmosphere you’ll be trying to create, Placing and storing salon tools after use avoids the potential frustration that can occur when another stylist needs the tool and it’s not where it belongs. Respecting confidences shared by peers or clients is essential for an atmosphere of trust and sharing to exist. These are only a few of the many things a good team player will learn to do to help maintain the salon staff as a productive, happy team, The key words for teamwork are consideration and cooperation. — [f you’re considerate and cooperative, you’ll add to your team’s success.