Hygiene is the science that deals with healthful living. The practice of public hygiene is important because it helps to preserve the health of the community. The fact that you are in training to be a licensed professional says that you are ready to recognize that your clients can depend on you to protect them from health and safety hazards they might experience in the salon. Impure air from poor ventilation, inadequate lighting. improper disinfection practices and improper storage or use of food are the primary health hazards against which health officials expect you to protect clients. Your job as a professional is to protect and serve the public.

Your individual system for maintaining your cleanliness and health is your personal hygiene. In your work, you will constantly be very close to your clients. Scents that wouldn’t ordinarily even be noticed or soil that wouldn’t normally be detected can, therefore. offend. Obviously, establishing and maintaining a personal hygiene routine is essential if you expect your clients to enjoy your company and want to come back!

Though you might like to believe otherwise, all bodies produce odors. Regular bathing using soap for cleanliness. followed by the application of deodorant. plays a major role in preventing unpleasant body odors. Avoid excessive use of perfume or cologne. More and more clients have sensitivities to some fragrances. Soiled clothing accumulates odors. No article of clothing should be worn more than a few times before it’s washed or your clothing will produce odors that offend no matter how often you bathe!

Few people consider the cleanliness of the inside of their shoes. Yet unclean shoes and the length of time you wear them in a day can create foot odor if not checked, A little tale or foot deodorant can often be of help!

The food you eat and the state of your health affect the condition of your breath. Most of you know that eating too much garlic results in unpleasant body smells from perspiration…and bad breath, referred to as halitosis (hal-eh-TOH-siss), Did you know, as well, that a sore throat often produces: unpleasant odors from your mouth? Brush your teeth as often as you can each day – certainly after every meal – and use mouth wash. In other words, practice good oral hygiene. Your clients will be grateful.

Consider all potential hygiene problems and establish a personal hygiene plan that addresses them daily. Your personal hygiene contributes to (or detracts from!) your success.