Worry and fear are two emotions that can be injurious to mental health. Sometimes you may tend to get caught up in these two emotions and fail to exercise your choice to take charge of your life by controlling your thoughts and emotions.

A balanced diet is essential for your personal and professional wellbeing as well as providing prevention for certain diseases. A typical day as a professional stylist can be demanding and your diet may be one of the most important factors for your success. You’re going to need all the energy you can get!

Almost all foods contain mixtures of the three energy nutrients: carbohydrates. fats and proteins. The energy they contain is measured in calories. The body uses this energy in several ways: to heat itself, to build its structures, and to move its parts during exercise and activities. The energy may also be stored in body fat for later use. In addition to the energy nutrients, other essential nutrients are vitamins, minerals, and water.

You may have heard the term RDA – Recommended Dietary Allowances. The U.S. Government established the RDA as the appropriate nutrient intake for people in this country in an attempt to help them select an adequate diet from the array of available foods. The human appetite cannot always be trusted to choose foods that are best for the individual or needed to complete the daily requirements. Many people tend to eat what they like rather than what is best for them.

Calories Burned During Exercise