Professional Development

Welcome to our briefing space! During our first time together as professor and student. let’s consider two questions: The first. what is cosmetology? Cosmetology is the art and science of beauty care. The second question is. just what is a PROFESSIONAL? The word PROFESS comes from two words:

PRO = for + FESS = to speak, acknowledge, admit

Professionals are people who speak with their very lives about the value of what they have chosen to do. They are people who believe in something and work hard to achieve it. By entering this course, you are professing that you want to become one of these people, a professional.

Professional Development is a COMMITMENT to constantly improve yourself. Your dedication to professional development now as a student and soon as a cosmetologist will improve your health, elevate your professional status and foster positive relationships with clients and co-workers.

The core of any profession, the central VALUE it radiates to the world, involves commitment, the kind of inner promise you make to yourself, in every chapter, the BIG IDEA is a short statement that answers the question: “What will I learn in this chapter?” Understanding the BIG IDEA of this chapter and putting it into practice will bring your commitment alive in your life.

Success as a professional cosmetologist comes from your personal commitment to the development of a healthy body and mind, effective communication and positive human relations.

The PLAN gives you a visual summary of the important ideas in the chapter. In this chapter the plan. although both simple and practical, requires the kind of discipline that contributes to the growth of a true professional, It is my challenge to you not just to learn this material but to exemplify it in your life