Build Your Critical Thinking Skills

In this chapter you have prepared yourself to meet the following Industry Standards for entry-level cosmetologists:

  • Participate in lifelong learning to stay current with trends, technology, and techniques pertaining to the cosmetology industry
  • Use appropriate methods to ensure personal health and well-being

It’s Up to You to know what to do. Using your training to this point, review the following case scenarios and think through how you would handle each challenge.

1. Last night your best friend visited you and it was 2:30 a.m. before you were able to go to sleep. That was the second night this week that you had fewer than 4+ hours of sleep. Now, a new friend has just asked you to drive with her to see her brother’s school play, which is being held in a city 3 hours from your home. If you go, it means that you will be home late again. You are scheduled with 5 appointments tomorrow and one is a spiral perm that you have not done before. Your new friend is counting on you. What would you do?

2. The students at your school have noticed an outbreak of theft recently, Things have been taken from their workstations and lockers and it seems that no one can be trusted. You think you saw someone look suspicious this morning as he picked up a pair of shears from a workstation. You’re not sure if the shears belonged to him or not. You just have an “inkling” that something is wrong. What would you do?

3. Your boss has just asked you to work a double shift because a new employee is absent again. You saw this new employee at the same party you were at last night. You were able to get up and come in for your work shift, but the new employee did not make it. This is the third time this has happened in a 30-day period. What would you do?